It’s fall, and you know what that means! Time to grill out with friends, watch football, and hang out on the deck. It is important to thoroughly inspect your deck regularly to ensure safety of friends and family members who hang out there. Here are 9 connections to check to be certain your deck is safe.

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To check the key connection points yourself, be sure to inspect the following:

1. Ledger Attachment
The ledger connection, where the deck connects to the house, is the most common failure point on a poorly built deck. It’s very important to use lag screws (SDS) or through-bolts rather than nails to secure your deck to the ledger board.

2. Joist-to-Ledger
The floor joists intersect into a beam or ledger board and must be properly secured.

3. Joist-to-Beam
The beams must be secured to the joists that support the floor of the deck.

4. Beam-to-Post
The post must be properly connected to the beams underneath the deck.

5. Railing Post-to-Deck Framing
People often get injured due to weak or wobbly railings on a deck. The railing must be properly attached to the perimeter of the deck as well as the floor joists running underneath the deck.

6.Stair Stringer-to-Deck Framing
The stair stringers that run along each of the stair steps (or treads) must be secured to the deck framing.

7. Stair Tread-to-Stringer
Each stair step (or tread) must be tied to the stair stringers.

Post bases are used to connect the post to the footing or concrete slab underneath your deck.

For more information about deck safety, check out the following video: