Sewer Scope Inspection

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What is a Sewer Scope Inspection?

Sewer scope cameras are snake cameras that provide live video to a monitor. The camera enters through the home’s drainage pipe to view the sewer lines for any debris, blockage, cracks, and more.

A gradual shift of the ground, a tree growing large roots close to a pipe, or a clog causing a backup are all issues that we look for when performing a sewer scope inspection. We offer Sewer Scope Inspections in Greenville, SC and surrounding areas.

Sewer Scope Inspection from Toilet
Sewer Scope Inspection in Sink

Should I Get a Sewer Scope Inspection?

Whether the home is brand new or over 25 years old, we recommend getting a sewer scope inspection. With new construction homes, there could be a chance that the builders could’ve damaged pipes or not installed them properly leading to a brand new problem in a brand new home. In older homes, clay pipes or cast iron may be the original plumbing of the home, which should be inspected when purchasing a home. A sewer scope inspection could end up saving you money by learning the problem before it becomes worse.

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Tracy was a great inspector for the property we are under contract for. He was incredibly thorough and so friendly. He explained things in an understandable way and took interest in any concerns we had of our own. We are able to move forward with confidence thanks to his professional and jovial service.

Mary DeminskyGoogle Review

The whole Avalon Home Inspections’ team was thoughtful, profession, and proficient. Every question I had was met with guidance and insight on how to move forward. They made our home buying experience very smooth and gave us peace of mind to know what is going on with the home we are purchasing.

Hayden SpaethGoogle Review

Benny did a thorough inspection of the home we are buying! He was prompt, professional and friendly. When calling to schedule the inspection I left a message and received a call back immediately. The associate who booked the inspection was friendly and understood our urgency due to a short window for due diligence.

Allison TylerGoogle Review

Both Cody and Tyler were very professional and detailed in their inspection. They were able to identify huge safety concerns on a property pre-inspection. Amazing work!

Octavio TorresGoogle Review
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