Buying a home is a major investment. Before completing the purchase, most homebuyers hire an inspector, like Avalon Home Inspections, to find out about the homes:

– plumbing
– electrical systems
– roof
– attic
– foundation
– heating system
– central air conditioning system
– insulation
– doors and windows
– fireplace
– and so much more!

In addition, we also look for visible signs of termite infestation. If infestation or damage is found, the buyer should obtain estimates for treatment and repair. These costs may be negotiated with the seller.

Some buyers find it shocking that brick or masonry homes have termite infestation or damage. Even these homes have wooden components including framing and flooring as well as furniture. Brick houses are not termite proof!

Newer homes may also be susceptible to infestation and damage. Termites will infest wood of newly built homes just as readily as older homes. If considering the purchase of a newly constructed home, ask the seller whether home has received a termite pretreatment. Newer foundations may be built with termite-resistant wood or may be treated to prevent infestation.

Buyers can also ask for infestation history of the home. Some states require sellers to disclose history of termite infestation and damage. Termite warranties may also transfer with the house, providing buyers peace of mind.

For additional peace of mind, if termite damage is found, pest control companies often offer a complete assessment of the damage FREE OF CHARGE. Before purchasing your home, a home inspection, along with a termite history or assessment will give you the peace of mind you are looking for.