When the pollen count is high in Georgia, we tend to think of our home as a safe haven, a place to escape the allergens that cause us to sneeze and wipe our eyes. After all, I don’t see a yellow film on my furniture like I see on my car and mailbox. But after years of inspecting homes, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but some homes have poor air quality inside the home. And pollen in your house can mean sniffles for the whole family.

Here are our tips for keeping those pesky allergens outside:


Remove Your Shoes (or at least wipe them on a mat)

Although it is a common practice in most Asian countries, European and American households often do no insist on leaving shoes at the door. Research confirms that shoes carry in a disgusting quantity of dust, pollen, bird droppings, dog poop, leafy debris, and other unwanted matter into the house. The leafy stuff acts as a breeding ground for bacteria and can wreak havoc on your allergies.


After Working in the Yard, Throw those Dirty Close Directly into the Washing Machine

You have worked hard cutting the grass, weed eating, and weed pulling; you deserve to sit and rest. But wait! Change clothes before sitting down. The pollen cloud around you is real. Throw those work clothes directly into the washer and dryer.


Clean Your Pets’ Hair and Paws

Keep a brush and a towel near the door to regularly clean your pet’s hair. Since our sweet animals not only play outside but also roll in the grass, it makes sense to brush out the dander daily.

Shut Windows and Doors / Turn on A.C.

During the Spring season, it might be tempting to open the doors and windows and feel the cool breeze on your face as you putter around the house. This scene is fine if you live at the beach. However, if your home is a city with high levels of pollen, we do not suggest it. If your family suffers from allergies, we suggest keeping the doors and windows closed in order to keep the air cleaner in your house.

Change HEPA Filters once per month during high pollen months

Although the usual recommendation is to change filters in your home every 90 days, if you are suffering from allergies, change that to every 30 days.

Use Swiffer regularly in the house and even the porch

If your family spends time on a porch (front or back) you might notice a film of yellow dust gathering. Sweeping is not enough to remove the pollen here. Try a Swiffer (no we are not Swiffer salesmen, but they really work) in such outdoor areas to keep the porch from gathering pollen that eventually ends up in the house.