Radon Testing Atlanta, GA

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What is Radon?

We complete radon testing in the Atlanta area. Radon gas exists in every environment, it is just a matter of how much is trapped in a confined space. It becomes a concern when the gas gets trapped and builds up over time.

Radon is a radioactive gas that comes from the natural decay of uranium in soil, rocks, water, and some building materials. It is odorless, tasteless, and invisible. Studies conducted by organizations such as the National Cancer Institute, EPA, and the National Academy of Sciences support a correlation between negative health effects and the risk of long-term radon exposure, such as one of the leading causes of lung cancer.

The EPA recommends getting your home tested for radon, whether you are buying or selling. Making sure your home is safe is our number one priority!

Radon Testing Atlanta, GA

How We Test for Radon in Atlanta

Radon Tester on Site in Atlanta GA

We use the Corentium Pro CRM’s Technology

Corentium Pro samples indoor air through a passive diffusion chamber, using alpha spectrometry to precisely calculate the radon level. Radon is detected using silicon photodiodes to both count and measure the energy of alpha particles resulting from the decay chain of radon gas. The instrument is calibrated to reference instruments in accredited laboratories and is AARST-NRPP and NRSB certified.

Sample Reports & Where We Service

• Fulton County, GA

• Greene County, GA

• Gwinnett County, GA

• Henry County, GA

• Jasper County, GA

• Lamar County, GA

• Meriwether County, GA

• Monroe County, GA

• Newton County, GA

• Oconee County, GA

• Paulding County, GA

• Pike County, GA

• Rockdale County, GA

• Spalding County, GA

• Upson County, GA

• Athens-Clarke County, GA

• Barrow County, GA

• Bartow County, GA

• Butts County, GA

• Carroll County, GA

• Cherokee County, GA

• Clayton County, GA

• Cobb County, GA

• Coweta County, GA

• Dawson County, GA

• DeKalb County, GA

• Fayette County, GA

• Forsyth County, GA

• Franklin County, GA

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"We were blessed to have Tracy Wilson do our inspection. He is a super enthusiastic eagle-eyed, professional inspector. He came early (while I was still at work) and made sure to stay until I came back to give me a verbal report. Overall we had a great experience and have already scheduled some other services separate from inspection. All-in-all, Tracy was amazing and really made the experience wonderful, everything else was icing on the cake!"

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"The inspectors of Avalon Home Inspections are qualified, courtesy, efficient and professional. From the initial contact with the office each person was accommodating and encouraged confidence in the services they would perform. I was not disappointment! Highest regard for excellent service."


"This company is the best around! I had my new home inspection completed by Dylan and Damian. They were professional and thoroughly knowledgeable throughout my inspection. They were able to answer all of my questions and really made the inspection worthwhile. Thank you Avalon and Dylan and Damian for an awesome experience!"

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"Benny was super thorough and highly professional during our home inspection. He walked me through any questions I had and I was very pleased with his report. It has allowed me to go back to the seller and address issues that without his expertise would have been overlooked. Thanks you Benny and Avalon!!"

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