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Can I Stay In My House With Black Mold

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Homeowner discovers black mold

Coming into contact with black mold spores is not a very healthy scenario. The main symptoms that you will exhibit are itchy and watery eyes, wheezing, sneezing, and asthma. In many cases, the homeowner ignores these signs. These symptoms are typical of a common allergic reaction to the outdoor elements of pollen and dust in the air. So, most homeowners believe it’s just the time of year where they live. It isn’t until the black mold spores show their presence that homeowners are even aware of the problem. Can I stay in my house with black mold? No, harsh black mold spores that have overtaken parts of your home cause some major health issues. However, depending on the location, sometimes you may be able to just leave/close off portions of your home while remediation is taking place.

Let’s take a look below at what black mold is and how we can potentially prevent it.

Black mold in the house
Black mold in the house

What Is Black Mold

Black mold spores are typically created in the air and fall onto the surfaces of your home. Moist and damp surfaces in your home are breeding grounds for all types of mold spores. Black mold is the more prevalent mold spore to show up.

Black mold in your shower area is not as invasive as black mold that shows up in other areas of your home. Cleaning the black mold in your shower is a lot easier than having to clean the harsher black mold spores from the walls of the home.

How Bad Is It

There are various levels of health affected by mold spores. Exposure to black mold spores can be very bad for your mental, emotional, and physical health. Being exposed to black mold over a long period of time can cause depression and anxiety. As the toxins from the black mold build up in your body, you can experience insomnia, brain fog, and the inability to focus. Once you are aware of the mold spores and your exposure is reduced, your symptoms will go away.

Other areas that are affected by the black mold spores are your lungs. The black mold sports can trigger coughing fits and inflammation of your lung tissue. This will cause chronic respiratory issues, which include difficulty breathing and keeping enough oxygen in your muscles to be active.

How To Clean It

There are a variety of recommended ways to clean Black mold spores from your home. We recommend cleaning mold yourself only when the infected area is less than 10 square feet.

Wearing protective gear is the most important part of the process. Face masks, goggles, long-sleeves, and gloves are all necessary so that you don’t breathe in the mold spores or get them on your skin.

  • Clear the air – create a cross breeze by opening up doors and windows. This helps dry the air and remove moisture from the home. Also, try using a dehumidifier to dry the air. Once you close off the home, use a good filter and run the A/C to start catching mold spores in the air.
  • Protect yourself – protective eyewear, a face mask or respirator, and non-porous gloves are important to protect your lungs and skin.
  • Vinegar mixture – one cup of vinegar and one gallon of water can be used on areas safe enough for you to clean on your own. However, it is highly recommended that you reach out to a local mold removal company, to protect your home and health.
Cleaning black mold as a homeowner
Cleaning black mold as a homeowner

How To Prevent It

Keeping any mold spores from thriving and taking over your home can be traced back to the amount of moisture in your home. Keeping excess water and moisture in your home at a minimum can keep mold away. Also, it’s always a great idea to immediately take care of leaks in your plumbing and ensure your bathroom fans are properly working.

Maintaining a humidity level in your home at less than 50 percent can be achieved by using a dehumidifier. Also, using your air conditioning unit when it’s hot and humid outside can also keep moisture out of the home.

Your other option for keeping moisture down in your home is the exhaust fans in your bathroom. When you are taking a shower, it is recommended you run the exhaust fan during and up to 20 minutes after the shower. This allows the exhaust fan to suck the excess moisture out of the air.

What Does It Cost

Black mold removal costs can vary based on where it is located in the home and how large of an area is affected. If the size of the coverage area is small, you could probably pay as little as $500. However, if the area of black mold coverage is large, you could pay up to $4,000. If your attic or air ducts are affected by black mold spores, then you are going to pay $2,000 to $6,000 for removal.

One of the most common areas that black mold shows up is in your shower. Understanding the various ways to clean black mold from the shower and walls of your home is important. While you are determining the extent of black mold in your home, try to take care of the easy and obvious cleaning options.

You might also experience a major mold issue in your basement. Water gets backed up due to the basement drain being clogged, this causes moisture to build up on the walls and become a breeding ground for mold. It is important to inspect all of your drains and pipes to make sure no leaks or clogs are imminent.

Professional black mold cleaning
Professional black mold cleaning

When Do I Call A Professional

Having a health reaction while in your home could be an instant alarm to mold spores in your home. Black mold spores can cause major respiratory issues, as well as some mental disorientation. As soon as you experience anything related to these symptoms, you should call on a professional mold removal company.

If you aren’t sure where to start and want to get it all, reach out to your local home inspection team. They can refer a reputable mold removal company as well as determine the extent of the black mold damage.


To avoid any type of mold spores from growing in your home, keep your home as dry as possible. Moisture levels in your home can determine if mold will grow. Keep an eye on your bathroom first. Most of your home’s moisture is prevalent in the bathroom due to shower steam. Once you start to notice black mold build-up in your bathroom, you will want to clean it immediately and call on your local home inspection team. They can determine the extent of black mold that has spread throughout your home. Call on Avalon Home Inspections, we conduct mold inspections in Greenville, SC, and Atlanta, GA.

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