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Can You Put Siding Over Stucco

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siding over stucco

Stucco homes are very popular here in Georgia, the rest of the south, and southwestern states. The material is low maintenance, energy-efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and durable. However, sometimes, it does crack or homeowners want to change the look of the home. Homeowners may be thinking about changing to siding but can you put siding over stucco? Yes! You need to repair damage to the stucco, install furring strips, insulate the walls, and then hang the siding.

What Are Furring Strips

Furring strips are small wooden strips that provide a strong foundation base for vinyl siding installation. The furring strips are installed to make sure that the siding installation is protective and durable.

Install Furring Strips

Furring strips are installed by using wooden screws. The length of the screws are 1.5 to 2 inches in length.

The wooden screws are used over the frames of the doors and windows and on the outer edges of the walls themselves. The screws are used in order to secure the end piece, brick molding, and J Channel of the doors and windows.

A 16-inch center is required for installing furring strips over the stucco. Drilling holes in the furring strips that are 8 inches apart will hold the pieces in place of the stucco wall. Once the holes have been drilled, you will add concrete screws in the holes into the stucco.

Prep and Repair the Exterior Wall

If you find a crack in the stucco, you need to repair this first. Just because you are putting siding over it doesn’t mean that the stucco underneath won’t have any issues. If the crack is less than 1/8 inch, then you can repair it yourself with Quikrete from the home improvement store.

This is something easy to fix and will save you a lot of money. A 1/8 inch is small but if it is bigger, you need to hire a professional. Not sure how big the crack is? If you put a credit card into the crack and it fits, then it is a large crack, and a professional needs to take care of it.

Insulate With Foam Insulation Board

You will install insulation foam board over the stucco so that the vinyl has something to lay on top of that is level. The insulation foam board is glued in place between the furring strips. The insulation foam board is just a tad thinner than the furring strip thickness. In addition to the insulation board, you will want to install a thin layer barrier that has a permeable membrane. This will allow moisture to not get trapped and will create a more energy-efficient home.

crack in stucco
Crack in stucco

Problems With Stucco Homes

Common problems with stucco homes:

  1. Stucco can easily crack
  2. The foundation of the home continuously shifts as it settles on the ground. As the settling occurs small hairline cracks might become present.
  3. You may also see some weathering to the stucco as well. This can cause small cracks to form so it is important to caulk and seal the cracks and then paint over them. This is common even in new homes.
  4. If your home has a wood frame and the stucco is cracking, water will enter through the cracks and pop the stucco off. Contact a professional if you are having this issue.

Large Crack in Stucco

If you come across a larger crack in your stucco, it needs to be repairing immediately. Re-stuccoing that area of the wall and sealing and painting that area will allow you to keep moisture and water out of the crack. Keeping water and moisture out is vital for ensuring that your home does not develop a mold and mildew issue.

It is highly recommended that you use a caulk called elastomeric. This type of caulk contains an aluminum metal that will expand and contract with the weather outside.

vinyl over stucco

Advantages of Adding Vinyl Siding Over Stucco

  • Vinyl siding is appealing
  • It is plastic siding, and many use it for weatherproofing purposes for the home.
  • Highly durable, and it can last through different changes in the weather.

Here is a great tool to check the cost of siding in your area .

Time to Add the Vinyl Siding

After you have fixed the cracks and issues in the stucco and added the insulation, next is to add the siding. But what type of siding do you want? Let’s look at a few types:

Vinyl siding– durable and low maintenance and lasts about 20-40 years

Wood siding– lasts 20-40 years but expensive

Aluminum siding– lasts 30-40 years and a lot of maintenance

Take a look at this blog that goes into more detail about the types of siding.

Also, here is a great video about how to install the siding. You may decide after watching it if it is something you want to tackle on your own or hire a professional.

Other Maintenance

Check For Water Inside the Home

You not only need to check the stucco on the outside of the home before adding the siding but also check the inside of the home. Make sure water is not getting in anywhere. If you notice wet or dark spots on the walls, mold or mildew, or signs of cracking, you may have water leaking in and need to take care of it right away.

check the attic for issues

Go in the Attic

The attic is a good place to check to make sure you don’t have light coming in or a leak through the roof. Also, check the temperature to see if in the summer the temperature is rising in there and the house. There are ways to lower the temperature in the home and here in Georgia, we are in a warmer climate and may benefit from an attic ventilation fan.

When to Call a Professional

Calling a professional is important to do when you do not have the necessary tools to install the vinyl siding. It is also necessary to use a professional when you do not have the strength and health to properly install the vinyl siding. Installing vinyl siding over stucco is a large undertaking. Although it appears like a simple process, you will need to commit a lot of time and energy to the preparation. Finally, hiring a professional may be what you need.


Installing vinyl siding over stucco is a very real possibility. The goal is to prepare the stucco first and proper preparation will ensure a successful installation of the vinyl siding. The siding can give your home a new look without selling and purchasing a new one. Avalon Home Inspections will check your stucco and siding during a home inspection in the Greenville, SC and Atlanta, GA areas.

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