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How to Increase Natural Light in Home

By June 7, 2021November 7th, 2022One Comment
natural light in room

Most people don’t like their homes to be dark inside. Often to fix this, residents will turn the lights on. However, this can be done naturally instead of using too much electricity. There are also many benefits from natural light such as raising serotonin levels.

What do we mean when we are talking about how to increase natural light in the home? Well, it means making sure furniture isn’t blocking light, avoiding heavy drapes, using glass doors or skylights when you can to name a few.

Let’s take a look at why you should know about increasing natural light in the home, how to increase natural light, why natural light is good, maintenance of the home, and when to call a professional.

Why You Should Know About Increasing Natural Light in The Home

Increasing natural light in the home may not be too difficult. Sometimes, people are lucky that their home faces the sun, but if it doesn’t, there are things you can do. Natural light doesn’t cost you anything and saves on your electric bill so that is always a plus. Lastly, natural light is always better for you than artificial light.

How to Increase Natural Light in Home

Painting the Eaves Can Increase Natural Light in the Home

Eaves are on the roof of a home and they hang over the edge of the roof and over the walls. They provide a few purposes, provide shade for the house, and they keep the home cool or warm. Eaves reflect the natural light and send it into the home. Additionally, painting them white allows this reflection to occur.

white walls in home

Light and Bright Colors for the Walls and Ceiling

Using a light or white color on the interior walls is a great way to reflect light in the home. There are an array of light colors that can brighten up rooms such as various shades of white as well as light grays and more!

Ceilings do well with flat white paint. The light color again helps warm up a home. Unlike walls that need glossy paint, ceilings are great with flat paint as there are no little hands touching them.

Finally, very rarely do you need to worry about painting a ceiling unless you switch from popcorn ceiling to knockdown or orange peel or another type. Also, if you have a stain on the ceiling, you will need to paint it but also check to see where the stain came from as that is not normal. Was there a small electrical fire at one time? You can clean up the smoke residue by using soap and water or painting it.

Glossy paint on walls

Using Paint on the Walls That is Glossy or More

Using paint on the walls that is a glossier finish or going up one level in shininess is a great way to increase the natural light. This can be done by going from matte to eggshell for example. Stepping up the level of glossy can add the increased shine that is like a mirror. However, be careful that you don’t go too shiny or this can bring in more glare.

Glass and Reflective Tiles in the Bathroom and Kitchen

Glass tiles are great and if they are in the right light, they can reflect a lot of light off them. Additionally, ceramic tiles are glossier than using pallet wood or concrete. Subway tiles are a great idea as they are cheaper and provide a lot of light. Lastly, metallic backsplash tiles are another idea for the decor.

Glass Block

If you ever go in homes that are for sale or look in the master bath of a home, many of them will have glass block. This looks great in a bathroom, which is a place that doesn’t often have a lot of light. They don’t work in every room so do your research and find out what the recommendations are, as well as hire a professional for installation.



These are one of the easiest ways to add natural light to your home. Skylights are often called “windows for the roof” and provide a great amount of light as they face the sun. They are in the perfect location on a roof, not blocked by outdoor objects, and provide natural light for the home.

Install Larger Windows or Doors

Installing larger windows will allow more sunlight to come into the home. Maybe you have a small door that goes out to the backyard. Replacing it with a sliding glass door will allow more light to come in. Make sure you have weather stripping too if you go this route. You want the bugs and heat to stay out of the home in the summer, while in the winter you want the heat to stay indoors.

There are a lot of doors now that have windows for natural light to come in and even ones that are fully glass like these.

dimmer switch

Soft Light in the Home Works As Well

We don’t always have access to a lot of natural light, so in the home soft light is another alternative. One way is having dimmer switches on the lights so you can control the level of lighting. Dimmer switches are seen in places like the kitchen, hallways, and living rooms to name a few. Often the wattage is 100-300 watts. However, be careful to make sure that the dimmer switch is not overloaded.

Why Natural Light is Good for the Home

Natural light is good for the home and for the humans living there because:

  • Saves money- the more natural light you have in the home, the less lights you have to turn on. Thus, this saves money on the electric bill.
  • Reduces blood pressure, stress, and anxiety- being in natural light for at least 30 minutes a day can help relieve these issues and calm the body and the mind.
  • Sunlight produces serotonin and helps peoples moods and happiness.

Maintenance of the Home to Help With Natural Light

  • Trim plants in the garden and keep them from blocking the windows.
  • Plants that are in pots that are small won’t grow to cover the glass and will allow the light to come in
  • Clean windows so more light can come in.
  • Buy houseplants as they make a room feel bigger, welcoming, and make for a relaxing environment.
  • Use light colored curtains so light can come through.

When to Call a Professional

Natural light is nice to have and makes you feel good emotionally and mentally. When you can get it to come into the home, then you don’t need to use the electricity as much, thus saving you money. There are different ways to do this. If you have questions about how to put in a block window, or replace a window etc, call a professional for help.


Most people like natural light and want as much of it as possible in their homes. Who doesn’t want to save money? It is easy to have some natural light but sometimes may require some brainstorming for solutions for any situation people may live in. It is important to make sure if you are installing windows, skylights, sliding glass doors, etc., that they are installed correctly. We conduct home inspections in Atlanta, GA.


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